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Shark Alert February 6, 2009

Undersea World

Shark Alert

Sharks are the dinosaurs of the undersea world, and some folks just can’t get enough of them. In Shark Alert (Capitol Multimedia), you’re back in a bathysphere, complete with evocative underwater sound effects, with all the tools necessary to immerse yourself in the world of sharks. From your place on the bridge, you can get to Sharks & Humans, The Food Chain, What is a Shark, the Reference Library, or Trivia. Behind this simple interface is a fairly comprehensive body of information, complete with dramatic film footage and stills. The Reference library has a useful glossary, a title Index through which you can access all topics in the program, and a Shark Index. You can also print out a short synopsis of each topic, which could be handy for term papers. And then there’s the Trivia game, with Sherman the Shark, your cartoon host. Kids will enjoy this part and, in fact, this program is most suitable for kids. There’s enough to keep them interested, but not enough to qualify it as a heavy reference title.

– October 1995


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