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NFL Football Trivia Challenge, 11/95 February 6, 2009


NFL Football Trivia Challenge

NFL Football Trivia Challenge (Capitol Multimedia/Philips Interactive Media) feels like a veritable antique. Nintendo-quality graphics are here in force (can you say “pixilated?”). The “challenge” consists of a football “game” in which you answer multiple choice trivia questions at one of three skill levels: rookie, veteran, or pro. Despite the vaguely entertaining narration by Pat Summerall, the questions quickly become boring. The rookie level is easy even for a football novice, since most of the answers are provided in the photos or videos that illustrate each question. When the program asks you “Who won Superbowl such-and-such?”, a video of a touchdown from the game is playing, and the team shown scoring is almost always the winner. How hard is it to identify helmets? The other levels are only marginally more difficult. If not for the video, this program looks as if it really could run on a Nintendo. The real trivia question here is: why does a CD-ROM released in 1994 look like it was designed in 1983?

– November 1995


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