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Kiyeko and The Lost Night February 6, 2009


Kiyeko and The Lost Night

We took a look at a beta of Kiyeko and The Lost Night (UbiSoft – ages 4 & up). The mellifluous voice of Ben Kingsley introduces the story, the characters, and tells you what’s what on the screen. This is a fable about how the rattlesnake got its rattle and its poison. It takes place in the Amazon, but since you’re never shown a map or given any information about that region, it won’t mean much to you. Kiyeko, a young boy, and his father Mahimbo are sent by their village to try to get back the night from the snakes. Apparently the snakes want the poison the tribe uses on their arrows and are holding the night captive to force an exchange. There are many confusing elements in this story, not the least of which is the appearance of the snakes which some of our testers thought were more like cartoon dinosaurs with their polka-dotted or pastel colored bodies and huge heads. The rest of the graphics are quite lovely and realistic. You begin to feel like two stories got mixed up here and neither of them is quite right. You do have a choice of five languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian), although you’re bound to get the same story in each one.

-July 1995


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