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H.U.R.L. February 6, 2009



H.U.R.L. (Millennium – ages 8 & up), another variation of Doom for kids, it’s dirt, not death, that is the ultimate horror. There is the required 3D maze complete with lots of depth, corners, stretches of tarmac to be navigated, etc. You must get from one game level to the next – there are ten – to win. Along the way you collect things, keys primarily, that help you advance. Of course you’re continually having to dodge the bad guys who, in this case, throw disgusting things at you. Get too dirty and you’ll have to start the level over. Pick up trash to get money to buy soap, deodorant, and water balloons to use in your defense. This is quite a silly game. After all, collecting trash is not tons of fun, even if the play action is the same as Doom, but it’s amusing and runs well, so there’s a good chance that kids will enjoy it.

– July 1995



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