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Chuck Jones’ Peter and The Wolf February 6, 2009

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Chuck Jones’ Peter and The Wolf

We were not that crazy about Chuck Jones’ Peter and The Wolf (Time Warner Interactive). While this disc uses multimedia in many different ways, the pieces don’t add up to a cohesive work. If you like Chuck Jones’ work, you’ll probably love this but, to our mind, it’s too cartoony for Prokofiev. In fact, we were turned off by the Animated Tale section despite big name stars like Kristie Alley and Lloyd Bridges. It didn’t have the charm or the drama that we associate with the music. We were much happier with the Symphony Orchestra section. Here, kids can really learn about the music and the different instruments that tell the story so vividly. Seeing videos of young musicians playing parts of the score is a nice touch. This isn’t a bad title, it just wasn’t to our taste. We have to add that it has one of the most idiotic games – The Log Jam Game – that we’ve seen.

– March 1995



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