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Underground CD-ROM Handbook for the SAT February 5, 2009

College Prep

Underground CD-ROM Handbook for the SAT

Fearful high school seniors can also add the Underground CD-ROM Handbook for the SAT (Workman Swfte) to their list of SAT preparation material. Four real-life students transformed into cartoon characters lead you through the tutorials. One of the students scored a perfect 1600 and the other three scored well over 1500. Sure, it helps to have these friendly students walk you through the tests, but how come none of them are girls? The humor is better than average here, suggesting ways to cultivate a negative attitude towards the SATs, the power of hate being a useful motivational force to get you to study. On occasion the humor verges on frat house variety and can get irritating. There are lessons, diagnostic and practice tests throughout the program – standard fare for prep courses. The computer is a big help here as it calculates your results (percentages right and wrong, progress, areas to work on, etc.). One of the most useful sections is finding out College Board tricks, like how to recognize and then eliminate obviously wrong answers and how to understand funny symbol questions (ones that use strange un-mathematical signs to try to intimate test takers). Although this program is not as comprehensive as Inside the SAT, it ‘s a solid resource and is certainly more effective than doing the practice exams in a book.

– October 1995

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