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Travelrama USA February 5, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Travelrama USA

Travelrama USA (Sanctuary Woods – ages 7 & up) can be played alone or with up to four players. The object is to collect five specific postcards from various cities or regions. Depending on your level (Student driver, Learner’s permit, or Driver’s license), you get more or less subtle hints. If you’re playing alone, you must find the five postcards and return to your city of origin before your mileage runs out. When more people play, they can trade or steal postcards, and spin for additional mileage and plane tickets. Obviously, it’s more fun with a group. The idea is promising but falls short in the execution. There are only four postcards per city or region, so it doesn’t take long to learn them and to tire of them. And the information, for such a rich subject, is surprisingly uninspired. It has the ring of tired travel brochures: “Modern Miami, Florida’s largest city and one of the most popular vacation spots, offers everything from glorious beaches to sizzling nightclubs.” Come on! There’s an opportunity here to pack the program with lots of facts – funny facts, weird facts, interesting facts, and historical facts. The game would still be fun, but it would have some real content.

– August 1995


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