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Ocean Explorers February 5, 2009

Kid’s Education

Ocean Explorers

Ocean Explorers (Comptons NewMedia – ages3-8) was a hit with the little ones who looked at it, but wasn’t sophisticated enough to keep older kids entertained for very long. Several underwater habitats are accessible through animated guides such as Spike the Sea Urchin, Gabby Garibaldi, and Clyde the Giant Clam. Each habitat (the tide pool, the kelp forest, etc.) is home to a few representative fish, and each fish has a little video clip that runs when clicked, with an accompanying narration providing basic facts. Habitats also contain a game or an activity, which are kept simple; matching similar fish and making a fantasy creature out of Mr. Potato-head-like building blocks are two samples. The graphics range from uninspired (the bulk of them) to dazzlingly colorful (the coral reef featured in one of the games). An occasional splash of color, goofy characters, and simple games work well for three and four-year olds, and Ocean Explorers has those in spades.

– December 1995


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