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Madeline: European Adventures February 5, 2009


Madeline: European Adventures

In Madeline: European Adventures (ages 4-8), Creative Wonders has produced another interactive adventure with the star of Bemelman’s classic children’s books. You must help Madeline track down her friend, the Genie, who has been kidnapped. The search will take her to several European cities, so she’ll need a passport, enough money for a train ticket, and a map. Click around five different screens of Paris to find the objects Madeline needs. When you find them, they’ll be added to the inventory that Madeline keeps in her satchel. Your progress is noted on an illustrated table at the bottom of the screen. At any point during your search, you can click a Games option and access a Geography game to learn a bit about European countries and their capitals; a Word Game that will teach you some Spanish and French words, and a Coloring Book. The programcomes equipped with Wonderlink, linking you to more Madeline activities on America Online. As charming as it is, Madeline: European Adventures is on the light side. More content, more complex games, and more hotspots would give kids more reasons to play this game.

– December 1996



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