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Legends of Oz, The: One Hundred Years of Oz February 5, 2009

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The Legends of Oz: One Hundred Years of Oz

The Legends of Oz: One Hundred Years of Oz (Multicom) tries much too hard and fails. It contains the full text of the original book as well as an animated, condensed version. The animations and illustrations are just awful and the voices are not much better. The twelve clips from the movie are more like bites than clips. A short biography of Frank Baum, and three new stories by his great grandson, are included. Why not stick with the original and fill it with hot spots that lead to decent film clips or quality animations? A biography, additional commentary, and writings are always nice but, frankly, we’d be happy just to have the good multimedia version of the book. Until then, we’ll rent the movie.

– March 1995



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