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Headcandy February 5, 2009

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Brian Eno’s Headcandy (Ion) marks the reunion of Eno and guitarist/collaborator Robert Fripp. The disc contains five songs to be played on an audio CD player, and one track of multimedia that provides psychedelic lightshows to accompany the five songs. Don the 3-D glasses that come with the disc and then spend some time squinting, trying to tell if they really do anything. If they do, it’s not discernible. True fans will appreciate the mellow music in the background, but there’s nothing here that would convert a non-believer, and the primary technology that created the lightshows involves pointing a video camera at the same monitor to which it’s playing back. One suspects that Eno and friends were hoping to create something more than a glorified screensaver when they embarked on this project but, unfortunately, one can’t say that they succeeded.

– October 1995


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