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Go Digital, 5/95 February 5, 2009

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Go Digital

Take the basic ingredients of Blender, add a big dash of Playboy, and you get Go Digital (E-Media, bi-monthly)The first issue of this CD-ROM magazine has the usual mix of interviews, movie and music reviews, and some articles of techno-cyber interest, but the main point is the “centerfold” section with three video galleries of naked women. Technically, this disc is among the best we saw. Slick art direction gives it a jazzy, hip look and the content is just what you would expect: an interview with Timothy Leary, a segment on “Raving”, a piece on George Lucas – you get the idea. Still, the feature on the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, dealing with issues of privacy on the Internet, was interesting and the centerfold section was tastefully done. But let’s face it -and just like Playboy – it’s naked women, not the features, that are the draw. The rest is included to remove the guilt from gawking. We’re waiting to see if men in their 20s and 30s prefer their centerfolds digital or stapled.

– May 1995

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