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Getting Into College February 5, 2009

College Prep

Getting Into College

Getting Into College (Creative Multimedia) are quite possibly the three most hated and feared words in the English language – at least by frantic high school juniors and seniors and their parents. This comprehensive program touches on four major areas of interest to college-bound students: how to choose, finance, apply to, and prepare for college. It also provides a 12-question evaluation section where you can find out which colleges best meet your criteria. While this is certainly a useful program with fairly in-depth profiles of over 1400 colleges, it does little to allay the fears of its target audience. All those applicants who had optimistically convinced themselves that a terrific essay coupled with interesting and diverse extra-curriculars will do the trick are in for a rude awakening. Apparently admissions offices look down on large portfolios (“A thick portfolio means a thick student!” cracks one college advisor cheerfully, citing an admissions officer she knows. Ha. Ha.), and an essay will sway only borderline cases. Grades, the program repeats throughout, are the overwhelming deciding factor. While it may not be terribly helpful, Getting into College ishonest. And that is something to consider.

– September 1996

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