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Digital Bar, The February 5, 2009

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The Digital Bar

The Digital Bar (Bindernagel-Ross) offers to teach you how to make a great martini or mint julep or whatever, promising over 1000 drink recipes. The opening screen, with a dynamic rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack, offers four options: Recipes, Popular Drinks, Preparation, and Stocking the Bar. Choose “Recipes,” and a list of drinks appears. Select one, or choose a liquor and then a drink, and you’ll get a list of the ingredients and a line or two of instructions. The “Popular Drink” section offers 16 brief video demonstrations for making classic or exotic drinks. Under “Preparation”, you’ll find rudimentary information on glasses, garnishes, and trade secrets – a total of 13 videos in all. The quality of the videos is not great, but the real question is: do you need to watch a 12 second video to learn how to chill a glass? It’s true that you can do a limited search under the “Recipe” section, but why bother? A book or a full-featured video would give you the same information in a more useful format.

– May 1995


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