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Betty Crocker’s Cooking With Kids February 5, 2009

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Betty Crocker’s Cooking With Kids

Bumpy Celery Sticks, Strawberry Fruit Leather, and Chunky Corn Bread are just a few of the eccentric names for dishes in Betty Crocker’s Cooking With Kids (Allegro New Mediaages 6 & up). While they may not sound that appetizing to you, they’re aimed at kids and there are enough recipes here to keep young chefs busy on rainy days. You’ll be ready for birthdays and holidays with the “Anytime Desserts And Sweets” section. Other sections include “Kitchen Computing,” which allows you to convert measurements quickly, and “List,” which gives you all the ingredients you’ll need for each recipe. What distinguishes the CD-ROM from the print version of the cookbook are the videos that show kids working their way through the recipes (although not every recipe has video). You’ll be especially pleased to know that kids are taught how to clean up the kitchen at the very beginning of the program.

– June 1996



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