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Better Homes & Gardens: 101 Weekend Projects February 5, 2009

Better Homes & Gardens: 101 Weekend Projects

Better Homes & Gardens: 101 Weekend Projects (Multicom Publishing)provides all the inspiration any easily suggestible homeowner needs to turn every room in their house into a craft project. Got some old furniture? How about an antique finish? What about those bookshelves why not make them look as if they were constructed out of black travertine marble? The guest bedroom? Sponge it lemon yellow, glue color photocopies of floral prints all over the walls, stencil on a faux ribbon border, give it a coat of polyurethane and voil? instant English country! All these and many more projects are contained in snappily-named categories like “Well-Dressed Walls” and “Easy Upgrades,” and come with basic descriptions, equipment lists, and slide-show instructions (only the section on painting contains video) that offer just enough detail to make you think you know what you’re doing. If you’re planning to turn your home into a designer show house, you’ll need more help than this program provides. Also included on the disc are plugs for more than a dozen “weekend projects” that require detailed plans which you can order by phone, for $10-15 each. Tsk, tsk.

– June 1996, How-To Guides



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