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About iN! February 5, 2009

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editorial schedule


indelibleNews! is primarily a collection of people. To give credit where much credit is due, those people are:

John Kois,Publisher
Jill Keefe, Editor
John Altman, Review Editor
Seth Ellis, Design
Nancy Lucci-Mooney, Assistant to the Publisher
Ramon L. Garcia, Intern

Vance Alleyne, John Bartos, Sasha Camp, James Camp, Dennis Cass, Joanna Detz, Anicee Gaddis, Guy Gallo, Alvin Grant, Heather Hacker, Thomas Hanvey, Linda Ho, Sophia Hollander, Ben Holmes, Eliza Holmes, Hong Fei Huang, Kate Johnson, John Keefe, Dennis Kois, Randi Kois, Josh Levine, Lewis Lyons, Kris Malden, Susanna Margolis, Annie Millican, Yulan Millican, Stanley Moss, Josephine Moss, Phoebe Papademetriou, Theo Papademetriou, Zoe Papademetriou, Roch Parisien, Stephan Parisien, Sylvie Parisien, Alex Rolnik, Carly Rolnik, Joseph Schechner, Molly Schmitt, Dawn Sinclair, Emily Sklar, Suzanne Stockman, Maggie Wohl, Sam Zimmerman

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Editorial Schedule

Upcoming issues of indelibleNews! will feature reviews in the categories listed below. For publishers who may wish to submit titles for review, deadlines are also noted.

February 1997
Hot-To, Science, Star Trek
Deadline: January 2

March 1997
Adventure/Mystery, Language Tutors, Travel/Leisure
Deadline: February 1

April 1997
Atlas; History; Religion: Kids’ Math
Deadline: March 1st

May 1997
Art; Pop Culture; Kids’ Storybooks
Deadline: April 1st

Please note: iN! reviews both CD-ROMs for the PC and hybrid discs.

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