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Great Masterpieces February 4, 2009

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Great Masterpieces

Like Microsoft Art Gallery, Great Masterpieces (Attica Cybernetics Ltd./Cambrix)has also been produced in cooperation with The National Galleryin London. Once again, we searched in vain for the bibliography and credits – this really should be a requirement for reference works – but, aside from that omission, this is a very good title. The interface, designed as an artist’s atelier, allows you a number of ways to explore the works, all obvious and accessible. The slides are top-quality with a good zoom feature and informative, relevant text. The Timeline is one of the more useful and imaginative ones we’ve seen, going beyond historical events to spotlight music, fashion, artists, and writers of the period. The art is integrated with the culture and history of the period in an organic way. Another innovative feature is “The Workshop” which offers a number of activities to choose from. Some are rather pointless, like the program that allows you to draw over a masterpiece, but others are excellent. Of particular interest is the painter Bridget Reilly’s discussion of Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne, and the section on the restoration of the Leonardo cartoons which had been damaged by gunshots. Great Masterpieces is a fine effort and a recommended addition to the art lover’s multimedia library.

– March 1995



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