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Dr. Ruth’s Encyclopedia of Sex February 4, 2009


Dr. Ruth’s Encyclopedia of Sex

The CD-ROM Dr. Ruth’s Encyclopedia of Sex (Creative Multimedia) is based on her book of the same name, but offers more. You start out with the good doctor in her folksy office, with all your options scattered about in graphical icons. The radio lets you hear excerpts from her radio shows, the telephone lets you listen in on frequently asked questions, an anatomy chart takes you to the obvious, a clipboard gives you a chance to take a sex quiz (Beginner or Expert); there’s also a slide projector, the book itself, and a TV for the video section. There’s no way to get lost in this program so there’s no excuse not to become “sexually literate”, as Dr. Ruth continually remarks. You’ll find information on about 250 topics – nothing too involved, just the fundamentals – presented in a straightforward and intelligible way. The videos are too small and too choppy to be useful and the photos, animations, and illustrations don’t add much. There’s nothing here for the voyeur, except maybe the telephone section. Nothing to offend and nothing to excite. Treat it as a basic guide for young people or very timid, naive adults. A note: the biographical section on Dr. Ruth (click on the diploma) is the largest chunk of text information on the disc.

– May 1995

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