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Creation Stories February 4, 2009

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Creation Stories

Creation Stories (Warner New Media) may seem a bit complicated to install, but follow the directions in the readme.txt file and it works fine. This title contains 93 stories, although all entries aren’t really stories – the Aztec calendar has just a few lines describing the calendar, period. Overall, the selection of stories is terrific, offering a culturally diverse and non-denominational approach to the various creation stories and myths. The best part is the narration, with wonderful, dramatic voices that truly capture the mood of the story. Sadly, there are only 12. Why? There’s very little besides the stories – a few tidbits on the culture of whichever country or people the narrated story concerns, and nothing on the ones that aren’t narrated. Interaction is limited to point and click for choices. The text stories would make an excellent book and the narrated ones would be a fine video tape, but Creation Stories falls flat as a CD-ROM.

– May 1995

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