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Civil War, The February 4, 2009

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The Civil War

The Civil War, from Empire Interactive, is disappointing almost from the moment you plug it in – so why did we find ourselves so reluctant to turn it off? The lousy graphics and tinny sound are a turnoff, and the mass confusion that ensues during battles can make you want to pull out your hair. The simulator covers two different aspects of the war: individual battles and larger campaigns. Both are so complicated that they become baffling very quickly; you can force your way in the right general direction, but you’re not going to be in control of all the subtleties. There’s also a good helping of info, both on-line and in the manual, about life during the war, battle strategies, and the people involved. This is not the ultimate Civil War simulator; the strategy game included on American Heritage Civil War was closer to that. But it’s neat to send your different divisions running in different directions, then sit back and watch the melee. Complex games and a high gore factor give this disc a certain visceral appeal.

– January 1996


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