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Where’s Waldo’ Exploring Geography February 3, 2009

Atlas & Geography

Where’s Waldo? Exploring Geography

Another high-polish, high-name recognition geography program is Where’s Waldo? Exploring Geography (WarnerActive/Imagination Pilots – ages 5-12). A broad story involving missing Olympic athletes quickly gives way to old-fashioned Waldo shenanigans, mixed in with lots of games. Some activities teach geography in a straightforward way – fit all the pieces of a map together as the computer calls out names of countries – and some teach related subjects with sneakier, more action-oriented contests. Launch human javelins at targets; you may not even realize you’re learning, as the program tells you a little something about each target as you aim. Compare different methods of transport between major cities, and try to guess which will be the fastest given the current weather conditions, tidal patterns, etc. On top of this comes a good solid helping of find-Waldo-in-a-crowded-picture exercises. Low-key and solidly fun, Where’s Waldo? Exploring Geography is a good example of why Broderbund needs to keep upgrading their Carmen Sandiego titles. If they relax for a single long minute, they might find Warner breathing right down their necks.

– June 1996


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