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Life’s Greatest Mysteries February 3, 2009

Science & Nature

Life’s Greatest Mysteries

Bob Winkle, host of Life’s Greatest Mysteries(A.D.A.M. Software) could carry an entire book about unthreatening men: he’s a grown-up nerd, slight of build and bald of head, costumed in glasses, suspenders, and a pristine bow tie. An odd choice for the role of explorer of life’s greatest mysteries – a search that would include, one assumes, a bit of danger. Once you take a look at the disc, you’ll see that the mysteries explored here don’t require Indiana Jones or James Bond. They’re more science-oriented, and the science is not terribly hard science at that. Bob explains, through a series of filmstrips featuring some video, basic questions like why some people are colorblind, what amnesia is, and why people who eat less can be heavier than others. Students who have taken biology will know the answers to these simple questions. Interactivity is so lean as to hardly be present, and moments of epiphany, in which one understands a mystery that has nagged at one his whole life, are completely absent. Bob sheds light on the phenomenon of graying hair – with barely more flair than a high-school textbook.

– April 1996



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