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Ultimate 3D Skeleton, The February 2, 2009

Science & Nature

The Ultimate 3D Skeleton

The Ultimate 3D Skeleton, from DK Multimedia, will show you any bone in the human body from almost any angle. Rotate the bones in a 3D environment, flip them around, turn them upside down, or zoom in and out. Ask the computer to find you a bone, or let the computer ask you to find a bone (this latter is called the “quiz” section). Then, when you’ve let your heartbeat settle down to a safe rate, get ready to look at some more bones. The audience for this one may be a bit specialized. Medical students will find this an invaluable study tool; the “quiz” function even makes it interactive. High school and college students will find it more absorbing than a 2D picture of a bone. Except for students and serial killers, however, this title possesses limited appeal (artists might get something out of the anatomy). The only concession toward mainstream shallowness is the inclusion of an “amazing facts” icon, although the facts, which all concern bones, did not always seem so amazing. A.D.A.M. covered the entire body, and therefore was a little less narrowly focused (and more approachable to the layman). On the other hand, people who buy The Ultimate 3D Skeleton must know what their getting into – and we wish them all the luck in the world on their finals, their masterpieces, or their murder sprees, as the case may be.

– September 1996

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