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No Trust’ No Sale! February 2, 2009

Personal Management Tools

No Trust? No Sale!

Nearly as useless as Emily Post is No Trust? No Sale! (WilsonLearning), which features ‘Frank Donner: Master Sales Trainer’, who offers no credentials, telling you exactly what qualifies him as a ‘master’, and who hardly encourages you to give him the benefit of the doubt, with his comprehensive sales philosophy of ‘sales is about establishing rapport’. All the hallmarks of ‘self-help’ are here – making lists, organizing your life, budgeting your time, three-step programs; after a few minutes you begin to expect Stuart Smalley to pop up and tell you you’re doing ‘OK’. The disc has all the technical expertise of a sixth-grade filmstrip, consisting almost entirely of a slide show, with interactivity limited to clicking the ‘next screen’ button. It also features Mr. Donner’s high-decibel videotaped advice, and a ‘sales simulator’ which has you selling ‘space mining equipment’ with your sidekick, Alec the Android. A little experimentation quickly reveals that the simulator is not interactive either: the same thing happens whether you use every lugubrious used-car salesman technique in the program or just stand there and tell the guy to buzz off.

– October 1995


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