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Destruction Derby February 2, 2009


Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby, also from Psygnosis, is the automotive counterpart toAssault Rigs. Drive stock cars around a track or a stadium bowl; fight off other drivers while striving to finish the race first (or, alternately, while trying to stay alive the longest). Once again, the controls are simplicity itself, consisting entirely of right, left, accelerate, and decelerate. Destruction Derby is extremely realistic, both graphically and in terms of play-action: after a few laps you’ll know what it feels like to play bumper cars for real. A slew of nice details, like instant replays that recreate the whole race from different camera angles, keep things entertaining. There are also generous helpings of debris flying off the cars, just so you don’t get too cavalier about head-on collisions. A word of advice – drive creatively if you want a shot at the gold. Taking a couple of laps backwards, if too many cars are smashing into you to let you turn around, can work wonders in a pinch.

– September 1996

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