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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

AIMS Teaching Modules February 2, 2009

Science & Nature

AIMS Teaching Modules

The AIMS Teaching Modules (AIMS Media), including Atoms & Molecules, Animal Life in a Tidepool, and How We Classify Animals, are targeted for classroom use. Each comes with a lesson plan, including worksheets and tests, that teachers can utilize to supplement the material on the CD-ROMs. And do these discs need supplementing! Each CD-ROM utilizes that dinosaur of multimedia technology, the Hypercard stack, to little effect. You’ll find a mediocre video on the selected subject and some hyperlinks on “pages” that exactly mimic the content of the video, a basic glossary, and some tests/quizzes. Nothing has been added to supplement the original video. Click on the “mussels” link on the page, and you see a seven second snippet of video cut right out of the long version. Once students have watched the whole video, they’ve already seen every hyperlink on the disc. Let’s hope the teacher is lively, because the kids are going to need waking up after an hour with these CD-ROMs.

– April 1996



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