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Rand McNally Street Finder, 1996 Edition February 1, 2009

Atlas & Geography

Rand McNally Street Finder, 1996 Edition

Rand McNally Street Finder, 1996 Edition (Rand McNally & Co.) has just as many bells and whistles as other atlases, but it’s a little more difficult to use. Once you get acclimated, there’s a ton of material available. Not only can you locate an address, get information on local attractions, find a place to stay and a rental car agency, you can create a customized map of your route. The program includes a drawing tool which allows you to jazz up the map with color, lines, circles and arrows, patterns, and so on. Use the Walking Guide to plot out a stroll between two streets, clicking along the route while the program writes down the directions in a text box. This slightly silly feature aside, Street Finder is a powerful program. It’s a two-disc package, so you’ll have to shuffle the discs for East and West addresses. Like the Microsoft titles, Street Finder combined with Rand McNally’s Tripmaker 1996 delivers just about everything you’ll need to plan a trip.

– June 1996


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