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Golden Book Encyclopedia for Kids February 1, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Golden Book Encyclopedia for Kids

Golden Book Encyclopedia for Kids (Western Publishing – ages 5-10) is a major disappointment. Four large pictures labeled World of Words, Seek and Find, Sights and Sounds, and A-B-Cs serve as the main menu. Each brings you to yet another menu from which you select an article by scrolling up or down an extensive word list – hardly an inviting, user-friendly, or interactive interface for young kids. Entries generally consist of two screens of text, accompanied by bargain basement photos, illustrations, occasional sound clips, or short videos. If you choose to have a selection read aloud, you will, most often, be treated to a monotone, computer-generated mechanical reading. The majority of the videos have no accompanying music or background sound. Traipsing through the entries is a brutally slow experience, with a scroll speed guaranteed to turn youngsters off reference ROMs for life. Reasonable features such as Bookmarks, Notes, Tracker and Path offer too little, too late. It’s hard to imagine any child getting much satisfaction out of using this software for either research or entertainment. If this was shareware, it would be one of those programs that gives shareware a bad name. As it is, Golden Books Encyclopedia invokes that Golden Rule: “let the buyer beware.”

– August 1996


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