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Romeo and Juliet Center Stage January 31, 2009


Romeo and Juliet Center Stage

Imagine, if you will, a poorly-acted high school performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Now videotape that performance, digitize it, shrink the resultant moving images to a nearly subatomic two-inches by two-inches on your computer screen, and you have the gist of Sunburst Communication’s “multimedia drama.” Intended primarily as a classroom tool for teachers and students wrestling with the pun-riddled iambic of the Great Bard, Romeo and Juliet Center Stage allows you to watch Springfield High School’s production of the playeither in its lumbering entirety or by a specific act or scene. You also have the option of viewing the play and the script simultaneously. That’s about it. The script, tagged periodically with margin notes, barely rivals even the most mediocre annotated Shakespeare. Using a high school production was obviously intended to make the play more accessible to students, but even this noble goal falls short. For a successful multimedia examination of the work, take a look at Attica Cybernetics’ Romeo and Juliet.

– September 1996



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