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Paris: History and Splendor January 31, 2009

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Paris: History and Splendor

Paris: History and Splendor (EMME Interactive) is a treat. There’s a huge amount of data, beautifully and imaginatively presented. Here is Paris seen in various ways: as a river trip down the Seine, as a panorama from the top of the Eiffel Tower, in various historical epochs, in a timeline, in the gallery of choice photos and high-quality multimedia, as seen by Victor Hugo, in terms of urban development, and in a discovery mode, in which you actually move the lens around yourself. This program is consistently unpredictable, as compared to the tedious National Parks program discussed below. In the river trip, you leave from the Pont d’Iena and head downstream. Choose a bridge to visit and once there, you can push on or quit the trip or disembark to look around. “Look around” here means just that: the camera pans around you as you stand on the bridge. The historical sections use wonderful old maps and prints and are informative and educational. So rich is the ambiance created by the exceptional quality of the visuals, the presentation of the information, and by the music, which is fantastic, that you may feel yourself transported into another era. This could be one of the first CD-ROMs to actually save you money; this virtual tour may be even better than the real thing.

– March 1996

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