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Drivin’ Route 66: America’s Main Street January 30, 2009

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Popular Culture

Drivin’ Route 66: America’s Main Street

FromCreative Multimedia comes the decidedly uncreative Drivin’ Route 66: America’s Main Street. Use a map of the country to access certain points of interest on the road, then look at a still picture while you read text and listen to the text being read aloud. Very, very occasionally you’ll also get a splash of video for your troubles. The points of interest are mostly limited to motels and restaurants, but the occasional tourist trap, like Meremac Caverns in Missouri, pops up. Other sections include Stories of Route 66 and Dream Cars of Route 66, a nostalgic canonization of past gas-guzzlers. Finally you’ve got your Travel Planner, which crashed our system when we tried to use it. Having lamented the lack of effort behind this disc, let us now contradict ourselves by recommending it for travelers planning to follow the mythical road: without this, how will you ever know which backwater town has the best milkshakes in the country, or find the ten-dollar motel in New Mexico that offers more luxury than a Hyatt (this reviewer happened to stumble onto it during his last road trip, but you may not be so lucky)? The CD-ROM will not clarify in your mind the things that inspired writers and dreamers over the years, but if you plan to strike out and discover them on your own, it makes a handy traveling companion.

– April 1996


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