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Substance January 29, 2009

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We were glad to see the second issue of Substance (Substance Interactive Media, quarterly) greatly improved over its first. Beginning with the interface, a slightly mysterious affair which requires you to poke around to find out exactly what is on the disc, Substance offers a more sophisticated and imaginative use of visuals and audio effects than the three other cyber-culture magazines. Rather than relying solely on music reviews, star interviews, movie and game trailers, etc. for its content, Substance also offers modules designed as ambient excursions. Art segments combine visuals with a commentary by the artist to create a different kind of experience from the standard tour plus interview offered in other magazines. There is nothing static about this disc. The consistently high quality of the visual design and soundtracks distinguishes Substance from the rest of the pack. But, be forewarned: Substance is directed at a young sci-fi, psychedelic-oriented audience and, if that’s not you, you won’t enjoy it.

– May 1995

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