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PC Study Bible: Reference Library Plus January 29, 2009

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PC Study Bible: Reference Library Plus

If you’re interested in having a wide choice of bibles and related texts on CD-ROM, PC Study Bible: Reference Library Plus (Biblesoft) is a very rich disc. Aside from the King James Version, you get the New International Version, New American Standard Version, Exhaustive Concordances, Nave’s Topical Bible, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Nelson’s Bible Dictionary, Strong’s Greek-Hebrew Dictionary, Englishman’s Concordance, Vines Expository Dictionary, Interlinear Bible, Thayer’s Greek Definitions, Brown Driver and Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions, Matthew Henry’s Commentary, Bible Maps, and Outlines. Initially, you may be confused by the interface. Although it’s straight Windows, there’s a whole row of boxes with letter labels and no on-screen key. With a little persistence, however, you’ll soon know what’s what. This is a far-reaching, comprehensive database for serious students and scholars. There are no multimedia frills, but that’s fine. It works just the way you want a reference library to work.

– May 1995

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