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Beyond The Wall January 29, 2009

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1995 iN!-Ovation Award

Beyond The Wall

With an intent to focus on the human issues attached to the Vietnam War and the memorial to that war, the Wall, Magnet Interactive has produced a moving and evocative disc. Beyond The Wall is simply and elegantly designed. There are three main sections: About the War, About the Wall, and Tour the Wall, as well as a Names icon that brings up a list of all the names on the wall and their location. You can search by name, birth date, hometown, etc. About the war uses a file motif: click on folders such as “Official Reasons”, then view multimedia. About the Wall lets you choose icons such as “The Competition” (to design the memorial), “The Construction”, etc. In Tour the Wall you can select a section and interact with it in different ways, such as clicking on graphic representations of real objects that have been left as memorials or reading letters and audio tapes left at the base of the wall. There are many nice details in this program, but best is its ability to convey a sense of mourning while still offering hope for the future.

– September 1995

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