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Trophy Bass January 28, 2009

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Trophy Bass

Trophy Bass (Sierra On-Line) is a simulator designed for people who have enough stress in their lives without trying to govern a virtual city or run a virtual business. If the complexity of real life is getting you down, the simplicity of Trophy Bass might be just what the doctor ordered. Cast your line, reel it in, then do it again. Travel around the lake in search of the best locations and weather conditions, and use the Tournament or Career options to satisfy your competitive nature. Make choices regarding poles, lures, and casting methods, or choose to do a manual cast for the sake of realism. Sooner or later, however, you’ll always get back to the raisone d’etre of the program: cast the line, reel it in, then do it again. Once you hook a bass, of course, there’s some action to be had, and the disc’s graphics and sound effects make it an exciting competition. Pacifists and vegetarians have the choice of throwing their catch back in the lake. This is a good disc to play while you’re on the phone, or at work, or listening to music. Sure, it’s repetitive – that’s the secret of its appeal.

– January 1996

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