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Let’s Explore The Jungle with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug January 27, 2009

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Science & Nature

Let’s Explore The Jungle with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug

For kids interested in the terrestrial rather than the astronomical, Buzzy the Knowledge Bug, last seen guiding your child through the mysteries of the airport and the farm, returns in Humongous Entertainment’s Let’s Explore The Jungle with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug (ages 3-8). Three “virtual” – and we use the term loosely – jungle areas are included on the disc: the Amazon, Africa, and Asia. Explore these decidedly 2D environments by pointing and clicking, or use the “What Is It?” command to link each picture to an encyclopedia entry. Play a variety of simple games, some of which require you to find animals in the jungle environments, and some of which are basic word-and-picture activities. The Let’s Explore series keeps things simple, and although Buzzy quickly becomes irritating to grown-ups, he and his discs are well-suited to the target audience. These jungles are literally teeming with interesting animals, ranging from the familiar (a tiger) to the exotic (varieties of lemurs). There isn’t really much to do except look around, which makes the program best suited for pre-readers; Buzzy is always available to chirp the text aloud.

– April 1996



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