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Kid Pix Studio January 27, 2009

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Kid Pix Studio

Kid Pix Studio (Broderbund ages 3- 12) offers an impressive range of activities. Choose from: Kid Pix, Moopies, Stampimator, Digital Puppets, Wacky TV, or Slide Show (in which you assemble the fruits of your labor as a slide show). This is a big program and you’ll need some time (and maybe some help) to get acclimated. Once you do, you can have a whole lot of fun. Fun is what this program is all about. Digital Puppets’ only purpose is to make nutty animals dance to music. Moopies and Stampimator let you make pictures which then automatically animate themselves in a variety of ways which you can influence. Good fun! You can also use the straight Kid Pix feature to draw, paint, etc. The program will supply you with activities – a picture to color or a sentence to illustrate – if you’re ever at a loss. Other nifty features include a choice of musical soundtracks (from rap to Celtic to elevator), an electric mixer which allows you to distort your images with waves and other 3D patterns, and digital animations that can be incorporated into still pictures. There’s no lack of things to do in this terrific program. You’ll use this one time and time again.

– June 1995, Creativity Tools


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