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Lyric Language Spanish January 25, 2009

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Language Tutors

Lyric Language Spanish

For starters, Lyric Language Spanish (Penton Overseas, Inc.) is not a well designed or attractive program, although the main screen is easily understandable. It doesn’t run fluidly, songs don’t always start on the first click and, after each selection, you must return to the program icon before you can move on. Topics include the zoo, the supermarket, the beach, the rain, and more; each have associated videos, music, and text. Kids view these topics in four ways: music and video, music and text, all three, or through a Learn and Play option. The songs aren’t bad – simple and repetitive, but not offensive – and the kids seemed to like them. The videos range from quite good (the zoo) to deadly (the supermarket). But the main problem is in the Learn and Play section, particularly in the “Type” section. For example, if you identify the season as the Autumn, you’re wrong. Autumn is correct even though the Spanish is el Otono. Conversely, if you type bread, you’re wrong again; it should be the bread because it’s el pan. Huh? Answer jumping rope and you’ll be wrong again – it’s to jump rope. For a simple program designed for kids, how about some consistency so the kids don’t cry and refuse to try any more language programs?

– April 1995


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