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Gospels, The January 25, 2009

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The Gospels

You’re in a cathedral, facing an altar wall decorated with frescoes and rosettes. Click on one and The Gospels (E.M.M.E.) comes to life. You can go to any of the four gospels, compare text, find a particular passage or a particular place, see related art work (mostly medieval) and read the passage that inspired the work, hear music, and more. Doing all this isn’t hard, although remembering the uses for 18 different icons is a challenge at first, but the overall result is a highly flexible program. Serious scholars won’t be satisfied with this CD-ROM, as there is no supplementary text; its best feature is the ability to do quick searches and cross-referencing. But, it’s an attractive package and a fine introduction to the Gospels.

– May 1995

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