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Sarah McLachlan: The Freedom Sessions January 24, 2009

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Sarah McLachlan: The Freedom Sessions

Another CD-Plus title that avoids breaking any real new ground is Sarah McLachlan: The Freedom Sessions (Nettwerk). Once again we’ve got a number of audio tracks for a regular CD player (eight of them, mostly alternate versions of songs from Fumbling Towards Ecstasty) and one multimedia track providing some interviews, background, and discussions of inspiration. Although the disc achieves its stated goal of letting you ‘get to know’ the artist a little better (her lisp comes across much more clearly when she speaks than when she sings), it falls short in several other departments. Snippets of songs from McLachlan’s earlier albums are accessible through the multimedia portion of the program, but there’s no way to get to the audio tracks actually included on the disc, and the videos run poorly and tend to crash our system. Some quirky choices have resulted in a disc which provides some insight into an artist but still fails to live up to its potential.

– October 1995


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