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Love and Relationship Test, The January 24, 2009

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Popular Culture

The Love and Relationship Test

For a silly CD-ROM, The Love and Relationship Test (Virtual Entertainment) certainly did a good job of keeping our whole office clustered around the monitor. The program, which is no-frills to the extreme (the interface consists entirely of multiple choice questions against a red velvet background), tests users in categories like Love, Intimacy, Marriage, Compatibility, and Romance. Sample questions: is it important that your mate share your political values? Do you make an attempt to stifle your moans during sex? Rate your jealousy on a scale that ranges from ‘Hardly Ever’ to ‘Always’, and decide once and for all how important food is to a relationship. You can take the test yourself or with a group of people, or you can test somebody else in their absence. The disc’s accuracy is questionable; are we really “too rigid, restrictive, and self-centered to focus on the needs of others”? Couldn’t be. Is our editor really “the rare type of individual who is not wrapped up in herself”? Not to those who know and love her. The Love and Relationship Test is a joke, with low production standards and ridiculously subjective value judgments. In addition, there seem to be only two or three profiles that the disc delivers at test’s end – you’re either wonderful or terrible. We must admit, however, that it is perhaps the most entertainingly terrible CD-ROM we’ve seen in a long time.

– April 1996


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