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ZCI Publishing Concise Encyclopedia January 21, 2009

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ZCI Publishing Concise Encyclopedia

ZCI Publishing Concise Encyclopedia (Essex Interactive Media) is anything but concise. Both the content and the interface are sprawling; the product is in serious need of an organizational overhaul. A grainy Overview kicks things off, but as soon as it has finished you?re left to your own devices as you explore reams of disparate information. Twenty-four volumes span the Old and New Testaments, the Magna Carta and the Constitution, Surrealism and the USA: Northeast. With all this information (some delivered in multimedia presentations, most delivered in plain text) the program desperately needs a cohesive, logical main menu to keep things organized. Concise Encyclopedia may appeal to a certain kind of brain (brilliant masochists will love it), but most people will prefer a more orderly and logical presentation for all this material.

-January 1997



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