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Let’s Start Learning January 21, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Let’s Start Learning

Basic preschool skills are the mainstay of Let’s Start Learning (The Learning Company ages 2-5), but the program targets a wider (and more realistic) age group than JumpStart Toddlers. The graphics are superior, the games generally more innovative and the voices (with a few notable exceptions) more enjoyable. The songs? With a hefty corps of backup singers and nifty harmonies, it’s not a fair comparison (especially catchy was the Counting Club Cheer). Like other titles in the Reader Rabbit series, you have to complete four levels of each section of the program before you can advance. In this case, you need to collect keys to unlock a pony trapped in a carousel. Do that and you earn a ride to the Learning Kingdom. Requiring kids to follow a pre-determined path that can’t be altered frustrated some of our youngest reviewers. They lost interest long before they could earn the fourth key. But other kids do well with a set structure; if yours does, this program has much to recommend it.

– August 1996



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