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Ted Williams: The Legend’s Own Story January 20, 2009

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Ted Williams: The Legend’s Own Story

Ted Williams: The Legend’s Own Story (Global Electronic Publishing Co., Inc.) is part autobiography, part instruction (it includes Williams’ The Science of Hitting). The interface is truly baffling. There is no introduction, and turning to Help doesn’t make it any clearer. The autobiography has no search capability, nor does it have an adequate Table of Contents or Index for the topics covered. The quality of the videos is close to the worst we’ve seen, perhaps because of the “vintage” character of the film, but it detracts from the pleasure of the experience. Now for the good parts: the interviews with Williams in which he offers candid and amusing opinions about the game and the people he played with, the book itself, and the pop-up topics that illustrate people and places described in the main text. More photos, with captions, better Commentary, and improved video and audio would make this a much better product. Baseball enthusiasts, particularly fans of Williams and the Boston Red Sox, will enjoy this title despite the shortcomings.

– March 1995



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