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Birds of North America January 20, 2009

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Science & Nature

Birds of North America

Birds of North America (Thayer Birding Software) has lots of buttons, and most of them open to blocks of text, some of which shill for other software, or books, or things to do to be a birder. The crux of the program, however, is Birds of North America, an index of 895 birds. Click on a particular bird’s name to see its picture; the four buttons get you to its song, habitat, range, and size. This is useful, and the bird songs are very clearly recorded. The problem is that, unlike a field guide, you have to know the species of bird before you can get access to all the data; there’s no searching around. So this program is really just a list, and while it may have some use to the beginning birder, that use is still limited. All the information (except for the recorded bird songs, which are really nice), is easily obtainable in a book.

– April 1996



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