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Telemark’s Guide to Dogs January 19, 2009

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Science & Nature

Telemark’s Guide to Dogs

Telemark’s Guide to Dogs (Telemark), while not the most inventive use of multimedia, offers as much (or in some cases, probably more) than anyone could ever want to know about dogs. Over 150 breeds are present in the comprehensive database, with information on everything from a breed’s usefulness as a jogging companion to the drool factor, average lifespan, and tendency to eat other house pets. Another section of the disc lets you fill in an extensive survey on your living arrangements and personal habits, then recommends breeds of dog with which you might make a good match. You also find answers to commonly asked questions, a bibliography, and articles from other sources. The video quality is fair and the photos are adequate, if predictable. There isn’t much use of multimedia with the exception of the survey, but having all this data easily accessible is probably enough reason for dedicated dog lovers to prefer this format over a book or video.

– April 1996



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