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Magic Schoolbus Explores the Ocean, The January 18, 2009

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Kid’s Education

The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Ocean

The third title in Scholastic’s Magic Schoolbus series has arrived. In The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Ocean (Microsoft Corp./Music Pen – ages 6-10),Ms. Frizzle and a gaggle of students explore different types of ocean environments, including the beach, a kelp forest, a coral reef, and the deep sea – seven in all. To us the title of this disc is reminiscent of Ken Kesey and his experiments with psychedelics, which is somewhat appropriate; there’s a lot to be experienced here, and the 3D animations are, indeed, cool and groovy. Ocean is the best of the series so far, with more and better multimedia, various games, gadgets, experiments, and trivia scattered hither and yon, and a well-executed overall concept that challenges you to find buried treasure. Videos, animations, and diagrams drive the points home, and the interface, though slightly confusing, encourages a shoot-first approach that suits kids perfectly.

– December 1995


One Response to “Magic Schoolbus Explores the Ocean, The”

  1. kinderblogger Says:

    I enjoy MSB!

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