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Endorfun January 18, 2009

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Time-Warner Interactive follows the title of their CD-ROM Endorfun, whenever possible, with the phrase “Play More. Feel Better.” This is because Endorfun’s soundtrack contains subliminal messages that bolster self-esteem. A few samples: “I am free of dependency; I feel joyful now; I forgive myself completely.” The game itself is simple and soothing, and involves moving a colored cube around a grid in an effort to make certain colors end up on top. Picture the offspring of Rubik’s Cube and Tetris, but much easier than either. There are a few different options, just in case you really thought you were buying a game when you purchased this disc, but the emphasis is not on play-action – it’s on feeling good. Plug it in, sit back, and chill. We played the game for less than an hour, and although we lost the urge to climb a tower and start shooting, we still don’t want to move to California. Perhaps a bigger investment would result in a wealth of good feelings. Tell you what – if anybody plays this long enough to find out, let us know.

– December 1995


One Response to “Endorfun”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I’ve played Endorfun since I was 10 years old (I’m 24 now). At the beginning I didnt find it fun so i left it aside, but one day i started playing and simply couldn’t stop.
    I never fully understood the nature of the joy this game offers, but after reading this article I realized its all focused on feeling good. Thats exactly what it is about.
    I know its not a very sophisticated game, I do like sophisticated games, but i simply couldn’t quit playing Endorfun.

    By the way, I got to this page looking for help actually. I want to play Endorfun again on my windows XP computer but the colored display wont work. I’ve tried setting everything to be compatible with Win 95 and 98, in wich I could play it perfectly, but it wont do it. I can play it with the colors frozen but its not the same. If anyone read this and knows how to fix it, please write me to destartrek@hotmail.com

    thanks! and play more, feel better.

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