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Bible Lands, Bible Stories January 18, 2009

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Bible Lands, Bible Stories

The packaging for Bible Lands, Bible Stories (Context Systems) boasts that on this disc “Bible stories are brought to life by master storytellers.” From what we saw, the only “master storyteller” involved with this project is whomever wrote that little blurb. What you have here is a group of digitized 70s-era Bible storybooks, linked up, poorly narrated, and stuck on a CD-ROM. The net effect is hardly lively. There is animation – we found one 3-second loop in the half-dozen stories we looked at. The interface is a map; choose a region – Rome, Egypt, Sinai, Palestine, or the Tigris Valley – and hear a related story. If you pick “Sinai” you can read the story of the Ten Commandments, but the Commandments themselves are conspicuously absent. Bible Lands, Bible Stories manages to make each and every one of the stories deadly dull. Kids deserve much more.

– May 1995

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